Who we are:  

Gold Treasure Holdings Limited from Hong Kong and Gerd-Albrecht Graf found FASSKEG GmbH as a 50/50 % joint venture. Gold Treasure Holdings Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1989 by Dr. Q.C. Lin and has been a business partner of KHS and Lupex, among others, for more than 30 years. Dipl.-Braumeister Graf has been at home in equipment sales for 30 years, co-inventor of the CoolKeg and inventor of the WorldKeg.


What we do:

FASSKEG GmbH invests in its own production facility in Saigon, Vietnam for the manufacture of stainless steel reusable kegs in accordance with CE standards and German DIN.  In the German-speaking and European market, FASSKEG GmbH offers the usual European conditions and warranties as part of order processing. Together with LeasingUnion, we also offer a leasing concept with 36 and 48 month terms for your kegs.


What we offer

Due to modern production technology, a free trade agreement between the People's Republic of Vietnam and the EU, sufficient production capacities and know-how in the field of welding technology, FASSKEG GmbH strives for technology and price leadership in the reusable and ONE-WAY keg/barrel sector.

We would be pleased to send you information and a sensationally attractively priced offer!

Gerd-Albrecht Graf
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