WORLDKEG – Disposable KEG


The export of draught beer, draught wine or other products in KEGs, especially filled in approved returnable KEGs, is an interesting additional business for many beverage producers, breweries and vintners. However, losses of returnable KEGs, defective or damaged KEGs, a low circulation rate of the KEG pool and high costs for return transport from distant countries as well as administration and management costs for temporary export and import of KEGs lead to unprofitable calculations and make profitable business difficult.

Disposable plastic PET KEG suppliers are inexpensive but not recyclable, at least not effectively. Products such as beer, wine or carbonated beverages filled in PET KEGs that are only partially pressure-stable suffer from light taste, CO2 loss and oxidation, which means they do not meet the quality demands of bottlers and consumers. In addition, there is a risk of injury and damage from PET container bursting, which can incur significant costs and affect the image. Ultimately, the increasing pollution of the world by plastic waste neither makes sense nor is it viewed positively politically or socially.

As the stainless steel disposable keg can simply be disposed of with household waste or recycled, it is perfect for online sales. In Germany, you can purchase filled kegs in the store and receive them by parcel delivery to your home. 

Our patented three-part disposable WORLDKEG solution is made of thin-walled stainless steel and is technically and technologically equivalent to the proven stainless steel reusable KEG suppliers. Already today, the worldwide recycling rate is over 90%, as our empty WORLDKEG has a financial value for the scrap trade. Products made of sheet metal or aluminum are generally considered to be problem-free in the recycling process, as everyone involved in the chain of use benefits, thus creating a closed cycle without government laws or bans.

Choosing the right spear is crucial for the quality of the products, the export destination and the target customers. For the European, African, Central/South American and Asian B2B clientele, we offer the S-Type one-way spear. For the USA, Canada and Mexico market, we offer the D-Type spear, also known as the US draft or Sankey fitting. Both fittings have a spring-loaded valve for both the product and the pumped gas (CO2/N2) and are suitable for pressures up to 30 bar. This allows working with tap pressures of 7 bar and avoids CO2 loss in the product during transport. Our own WORLDKEG spear/dispensing head is ideal for distribution to end customers, as the connections for gas and product always fit and a cost-effective party pump is available.

The disposable spear are inserted into the WORLDKEG lid from the inside, i.e. before welding together, and are therefore 100% tamper-proof, aseptically damped as a "ready to fill" solution and always pressure-stable.

Data on the WORLDKEG

  • Use of DIN stainless steel
  • Material thickness outer casing/ tube: 0.3 mm
  • Material thickness lid/ base plate 0.6 to 0.8 mm
  • Capacity: 25/ 30/ 50 litres (NEW)
  • Diameter: 285 & 380 mm (NEW)
  • Height: 500 - 560 mm
  • Burst pressure/ pressure stable: 10 bar +/- 1 bar
  • Aseptic delivery - " Ready to fill".
  • Pre-charged with CO2 - 1.5 bar(g)
  • Tapping pressure: max. 7 bar
  • Additional O2 intake during filling: less than 10 ppb =0.01 mg/litre
  • Usability from production date: 18 months
  • Available spears: S - Type/ D- Type/ WORLDKEG spear system with tap head & party pump

Patents granted to the WORLDKEG


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